Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today at the TCAAP WVA, I saw an Osprey with Dinner

Today was a great day overall. I planted my free trees from the Arbor Day Foundation, saw my friends and the osprey at the TCAAP WVA were very friendly.

I took the bike out to "my spot." The weather was perfect. 60F with high cirrus clouds here and there. When I first arrive, I met my friend, Kevin. I've known him ever since I started hanging out at the WVA. He's interesting and we share a love of wildlife and photography. Talking to him would have been enough to make it a good night but the osprey would not be upstaged.

Within a few minutes, we noticed one of the osprey tearing apart a fish on one of the nearby dead trees. I told Kevin watch for the osprey to lift its tail and crap because they almost always do that just before they fly off. Sure enough the bird did it and flew off...right towards us. Cool.

We chatted for a couple minutes until I remembered to turn around and keep an eye out towards Turtle Lake. I said "We better look this way because the osprey is going to catch a fish, fly right over us and bring it to the nest." Sure enough within just a few seconds that happened. The shot to the right was made at that moment.

At that point, Kevin had to leave and within a few minutes another friend showed up. While we were hanging out on the bridge, the osprey caught and ate 3 more fish. I got a few more decent shots.

An easy way to view the day's photo catch is to click on the photo. It will bring you to my Flickr page. Then use the "newer" "older" arrows to go through my most recent photos.

One last thing...I saw the first lupine in bloom:
Lupine DSC_9010
Lupine DSC_9010
by Mully410 * Images

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