Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today at the TCAAP WVA I saw Deer

It was a nice sunny day today and I got to get out the TCAAP Wildlife Viewing Area after what seemed like a long time.

Two people were leaving as I arrived. They complained that they didn't see any wildlife and laughed that the area is call a "wildlife viewing area." I suggested that they need to sit around quietly for an hour. The woman agreed and they left.

The deer photo to the right was one of my last shots of evening. I was outside the gate and fortunately looked to my left as I exited. I found this shot of the bunch funny because the buck stuck his tongue out at me.

I spent a lot of time working this bird (as they say in photographer parlance). It was interesting to watch especially since I don't think I've ever seen one before tonight.  I surely have never photographed one. It spent most of it's time very close to the ground and then would suddenly pop up 10-20 feet in the air to catch bugs. I stood very still and was very quiet and eventually it landed on the barbed wire about 15 feet away.   (edit:  I found out from my friends on Flickr that this is a palm warbler.)

Bird DSC_3225
Bird DSC_3225
by Mully410 * Images

I also saw a pair of common loons, one trumpeter swan, a great blue heron, bunches of Canada geese and red-winged blackbirds, a northern harrier and tried to get some in flight shots of tree swallows again.  

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