Friday, July 8, 2011

Today at the TCAAP WVA, I saw Baby Loons

Yay! My first sighting of baby loons on Lake Marsden at the TCAAP Wildlife Viewing Area. I've heard they have a difficult time (50% success rate) on this lake because of all the floating bogs. I haven't seen baby loons here for the last several years. They are real far away from the viewing bridge so this shot is pretty severely cropped. Plus they were backlit by a strong sun. Regardless, I'm happy I saw them tonight.

I also got a nice shot of a bumblebee working on a giant blue hyssop.

Bumblebee on Hyssop DSC_0540

And I met a very nice and interesting videographer/photographer Jim Radford.

Here a video essay he made at Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge in Socorro, New Mexico, with workshop.

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