Thursday, April 28, 2011

Previously and Pretty Much Always...I see butts

Cigarette butts are litter. Please put them in the garbage rather than out the window or at the TCAAP Wildlife Viewing Area.


  1. I have a lawyer friend (who also smokes) that swears that throwing butts on the ground isn't littering.

    Problem is they don't degrade. We dug up the side of our house to put in a garden and we found pretty much pristine butts from the last owner that had been buried for years.

    It drives me crazy when people just throw butts on the ground, that and gum.

  2. I am a serious two pack a day or more smoker and I ALWAYS field strip the tobacco out and put the butt in my watch pocket until I get near a trash receptacle or get home. And I often clean up after others as I have learned to "leave it cleaner than you found it." I wish others would do the same.