Friday, June 10, 2011

Today at the TCAAP WVA, I saw Bluebirds

I brought my little stool to the TCAAP Wildlife Viewing Area tonight so I could be a little more comfortable as I staked out the bluebird nest.

Mom and dad bluebird were feeding some young inside the nesting can. An interesting observation was they acted differently. Mom would land on top of the nest and look around for a minute out two before flying up to the hole to drop off the bugs. Dad, on the other hand, would fly directly up to the hole and drop off a bug and take out a white blog of some kind. Not sure what he was up to...perhaps cleaning?

It was overcast and later in the evening so the light wasn't that great. Had to crank up the ISO a lot. I need to get out there in the early morning to catch the light that falls into the nest hole.

This shot is not cropped. I did some NR to it and a bit of sharpening on the bird.  Nikon D7000, Nikkor 300mm f4 AF-ED, Sandisk digital film.

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