Friday, June 17, 2011

Today at the TCAAP WVA, I saw a Swan and Cygnet again.

Everyday is kind of dicey for this little cygnet. I saw one of the adults with it today at the TCAAP Wildlife Viewing Area. These shots are by far not me best works. It was too dark and way far away for the 300mm F4 but I post them anyway for the blog.

After a few minutes of casual strolling around on the lake. The adult got pissed off. I'm not sure if they have to run along the water to take off but they do in this lake, particularly when they are chasing geese. The slapping is pretty loud along with the honking.

Running Swan DSC_4628

Swans don't like geese in their lake.

Swan Goose Loon Ducks DSC_4603

Swan Chasing Goose DSC_4600

I got a few printable nice shots of other birds.

This eastern bluebird female was bashing a caterpillar on the sign.  Then if flew off towards the trees.  They aren't bringing food to the nest can anymore so I figure the young have fledged already.

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