Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Top Favorites of 2011

I don't exclusively take photos at the TCAAP Wildlife Viewing Area although I click more there than anywhere else.  Some of my clicks at the WVA made my top favorite list for 2011 (scroll to the bottom for a link to the whole slideshow).

Frosty Barbed-Wire DSC_0874
Frosty Barbed-wire

Tree Swallows DSC_5852
Tree Swallows (they didn't nest here)

Osprey with Fish DSC_6430
The biggest fish I've seen in Osprey claws

Monarch Caterpillar DSC_3415
Watched this caterpillar for weeks...missed the butterfly

Snake in a hole DSC_9204
Watched this snake wriggle in and out of this hole.

Harvest Moon DSC_1026
Two egrets flying by the harvest Moon

Buck Leaping DSC_4682
Finally caught a deer jumping over the fence.

The Tree in the Mist DSC_2386
I made a big print of this, wow!

Here is the complete slideshow with 30 various photos. Click on the four arrows in the lower right for a full screen show.

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