Friday, June 12, 2015

Today at the AHATS WOA, I Saw Babies.

Baby Loons-44901.jpg

Today at the Arden Hills Army Training Site Wildlife Observation Area, I saw lots of babies.  The trumpeter swan pair have 5 cygnets.  The common loon pair have two young.  And a whole bunch of wood ducklings were around minus one.

I witnessed an interesting behavior from one of the swans, something I've never seen.  The swan attacked a momma wood duck.  She disparately tried to distract it from one of the ducklings but the swan was determined.  The duckling would submerge for a few seconds but when it popped up the swan would lunge for it.  After a few minutes of this comical chase, the swan succeeded. It held the duckling under water and then shook it around like a dog playing with a chew toy.  It was an interesting site to behold.  Wish I would've had video and/or a 10,000mm lens.

Swan Incoming-44785.jpg

Duck Chase-44737.jpg

Duckling Dinner-44758.jpg

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