Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today at the TCAAP WVA, I Saw a Duped Yellow-throat

Today at the TCAAP Wildlife Viewing Area, I saw one of the most interesting behaviors yet.

Brown-headed cowbirds are sneaky parasitic birds. They don't build nests because they lay their eggs in other bird's nests. Their young grow up faster and end up pushing the other birds out of the nest. For some reason, the nest owner doesn't realize the baby isn't really a member of the family.

Today, I saw a young cowbird making a constant racket on the barbed-wire. Within a minute or so I saw a flash of yellow appear and disappear. I slowly moved closer with the tripod and trained the camera on the little bird. Turns out a common yellow-throat was feeding this young cowbird. Very interesting given the cowbird is so much bigger than the yellow-throat. See video below.

As always, click on any of the images to embiggen and click on the video for HD and full screen.

Confused Yellow-throat_0740.jpg

Confused Yellow-throat_0756.jpg

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